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What sets Language Services Hawaii (LSH) apart from other multi-language companies, besides the languages we offer, is our emphasis on quality and training.  While other companies hire “bilinguals,” LSH carefully examines each person for language, interpreting skills and training, educational background, and knowledge of interpreter ethics. LSH emphasizes training on consecutive and simultaneous interpreting skills (notetaking, concentration, etc.), ethics and professionalism to ensure their performance linguistically, professionally, and ethically. You will find many of our contracted interpreters having attended classes in interpreting, such as those offered at the Center for Interpretation & Translation Studies at the University of Hawaii (e.g. Court/Community/Medical Interpreting, Skills of Interpreting) and/or have participated in professional interpretation workshops.  Our interpreters have various languages and backgrounds, including those with professional degrees, extensive medical knowledge, court interpreting and conference interpreting experience.  Interpreter forums and workshops are held from time to time to improve research skills, note-taking skills, or just to build glossaries, such as for Micronesian languages.  We emphasize continual education and are involved with the national certification of medical interpreters. Our interpreters have volunteered to take the pilot National Medical Interpreter exams in the various languages being piloted and are expected to sit for those exams when available in their languages. (Spanish is available at present.) We try to assign an interpreter specifically catered to fit your needs.


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